About Our Educator

Nettie is a Freelance Educator. After retiring from Texas A&M University, Sterling C. Evans Library, in 2010 her long life hobby with textiles developed into a career as an educator and creating “One of a kind” garments, quilting, home décor, and accessories.  

She started sewing when she was child making her own clothes, developing skills to garment fitting. Her mother was her educator as well as self-taught. Perfecting her skills, by making her clothing for her sisters, nieces, and clothing for the men in her life. 

Nettie's accomplishments include owning a home-based business, Studio Couture, educating and creating custom fashion for couture wedding gowns, home décor, and accessories for clientele.

Dedicated to promoting sewing at all levels, Nettie teaches in her studio and other classroom venues, teaching a variety of techniques for garment, quilting, home décor and accessories. Nettie's energized devotion is obvious as she inspires creativity by simplifying complicated techniques. Her “A Perfect Fit” class, provides easy-to-understand explanations of pattern adjustment principles and skills to make the resulting pattern changes logical and straightforward.

In 2015, she began constructing Coreena’s wedding dress designs for her friend brides and joined to develop Coreena's Bridal Boutique as a Alteration Manager from 2018 - 2021.

Nettie and mother-in-law, Dorothy Kelly replicated the Barbara Bush wedding dress that resides at the George Bush Presidential Library. A proud accomplishment on display for thousands to view and admire each year.