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 Get The Right Sewing Chair To Prevent After-Sewing Fatigue!

It’s easy to get so absorbed in your sewing that you don’t realize how many hours have passed, at least not until you go to stand up! Unfortunately, that fun thing called sewing that all sewists enjoy can wreak havoc on your back, neck, and shoulders if you don’t have the right sewing chair. So if you spend any amount of time seated in front of your sewing machine, you need an ergonomic chair from Premier Stitching to prevent back or neck strain and other injuries. Sew-Ergo Advantage sewing chairs are the perfect solution when you love to sew and want to avoid the aches and pains that can come with working seated for hours on end. These super-comfortable chairs are compact, fully adjustable, made from quality materials, and can be modified just how you want yours to be. Available in standard styles for sitting at a sewing cabinet or stool-height styles with foot rings for comfortable seating in front of longarm quilting setups, Sew-Ergo Advantage chairs that are sold by Premier Stitching have all the ergonomic features needed to keep you comfortable and prevent body strains. They have soft deep seats made from resilient molded foam, offer multiple seat adjustments, height and angle adjustment of the molded foam back, chair height adjustment, and durable, replaceable rolling casters. They can also be modified by adding height and width adjustable arms and can be ordered in 70 different fabric options from Premier Stitching! When your back starts complaining but you just want to keep on sewing, you need an adjustable ergonomic chair to keep you comfortable and prevent the strains that can happen.

Premier Stitching is an authorized dealer of Sew-Ergo Advantage sewing chairs and carries a variety of models and accessories that can fit your need. A retailer of sewing products for over 25 years, we stand behind every product we sell and insist on your total satisfaction! Sew In Comfort with A Sew-Ergo Advantage Ergonomic Sewing Chair from Premier Stitching!

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