When You Don't Have Room for A Regular Sewing Cabinet

To obtain favorable results from your Janome sewing machine, it’s essential that you have a large, flat workspace.

When a full sized sewing cabinet isn’t an option, Janome offers the next best thing so you can sew comfortably and correctly with your amazing Janome machine with our convenient extension tables.

A Janome extension table from Premier Stitching that fits your Janome sewing machine is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable option to a larger, costlier sewing cabinet.

Perfect for times when all you’ve got is the dining room table or a desk for a work space, Janome extension tables give you true flatbed sewing in a smaller space.

They are also portable for when you want to take your sewing machine with you!

Made from thick acrylic or plastic, Janome extension tables are available in a variety of sizes and styles up to 24” x 24” that fit most Janome sewing machines, including Janome sergers and coverstitch machines.

Just slide the extension on and start flatbed sewing, then slide it back off for free arm sewing.

Many extensions even have guides and rulers built into the surface for added sewing convenience.

At Premier Stitching, we are proud to be a Janome authorized dealer who can bring you the products you need at prices you can afford.

A seller of Janome, and other preferred sewing brands for more than two and a half decades, Premier Stitching backs all of our products and is here to help your sewing hobby or business succeed!

Make Any Surface A Sewing Table With A Janome Extension Table From Premier Stitching!

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