Fast Frames 7-n-1 Exchange System

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Fast Frames 7 in 1 Exchange System

Fast Frames are a hoopless embroidery frame. Stick-on backing is placed on the frame. The adhesive backing is exposed in the open embroidery area of the frame. Press the area to be sewn firmly down on the backing. Use the notches as points for alignment. Any area that will lay down flat in the sewing field, you can sew! Rotation of the design may be needed (for example, the back arch of a cap). Use this product for the sweat band area of caps, backs, sides, bills, bucket caps, collar tips, cuffs of sleeves, dog collars, gym bag center flaps, etc. Sport knits do not get stretched out of shape. The stick on backing holds it in place. This system is a faster, more cost-effective way of sewing hard-to-sew items. Don't worry, you won't waste a lot of backing. When you tear the item away, you just place a patch on the hole from the underside and press the next item in place to sew.


  • The arm for your machine (please choose in the option above)
  • 2" X 4" Mono Hoop
  • 2.5" X 4" Pocket hoop
  • 3" X 4" Pocket hoop
  • 5" X 4" Christmas stocking hoop
  • 6” Radius hat hoop for sides and backs of hats
  • 7" X 5" Attaché case hoop
  • EITHER 4 ½" X 11" Sleeve hoop (EMT, Amaya (15"); EMT, Amaya (18 1/2"); Tajima, Brother, Toyota Machines (14"); Tajima, Brother, Toyota Machines (19 1/2"))
    OR 7" x 7" Bag hoop (Janome, Elna, Melco 4- and 7- Needle Machines; Brother Persona and Baby Lock Alliance; Brother PR1000; Brother PR600; Juki Tajima SAI; Ricoma EM1010, Viking Platinum MN1000; Tajima, Toyota Machines (23 1/2"))


  • Hooping in 5 seconds
  • Relief from carpal tunnel
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Great for multi head operations

***Please note: Since this is a Fast Frames product, these machines will not recognize the frame size on the LCD screen. Therefore, you will need to position designs properly to avoid needles or the foot from hitting the edges of the frames. (do trial tracing test in layout)