Janome Top-Load - Ultimate Ruffler

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Rufflers have been around for a very long time and have changed very little over the years. Although at first sight, a ruffler may appear bulky and complicated, its innovative design actually makes it very easy to use. This design allows fabrics to be ruffled or pleated to the desired fullness quickly and easily and also has the capability to vary the size of ruffles.

This snap-on Ultimate Ruffler fits all top loading Janome, Craft Master, and Dual Sew sewing machines. It is a heavy duty ruffler with tight gripping teeth to ruffle most any fabric. It has a smooth action and is fully adjustable in the depth of ruffle or tucked pleats. It is also adjustable in number of tucks per stitches. This ruffler also fits other brands of sewing machines. Want to know if it fits yours? Send us an email and we can tell you if it does or not.

Fits the Following Models:

  • 2030QDC
  • 3160QDC
  • 3160QDC
  • 4120QDC
  • 4120QDC
  • 4300QDC
  • 49018
  • 49360
  • 5812
  • 6050
  • 6100
  • 6300P
  • 712T
  • 8050
  • 8077
  • AMH M100
  • Classmate S-750
  • DC1018
  • DC1050
  • DC2012
  • DC2013
  • DC2014
  • DC2015
  • DC2019
  • DC3050
  • DC4030P
  • DC5100
  • HD-3000
  • HD-3000 Black Edition
  • Hello Kitty 15822
  • Hello Kitty 18750
  • Jem Gold 660
  • Jem Platinum 760
  • JNH 720
  • JNH2030DC
  • JNH7700
  • JW7630
  • JW8100
  • M7050
  • M7100
  • M7200
  • Magnolia 7318
  • Magnolia 7325
  • Magnolia 7330
  • Magnolia 7360
  • Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition
  • Memory Craft 550E
  • Memory Craft 6500P
  • MOD-100
  • MOD-100Q
  • MOD-11
  • MOD-15
  • MOD-19
  • MOD-200
  • MOD-30
  • MOD-50
  • MyStyle100
  • NPCF50
  • NQM 2016
  • Schoolmate S-3015
  • Schoolmate S-7330
  • Sewist 500
  • Sewist 721
  • Sewist 725S
  • Sewist 740DC
  • Sewist 780DC
  • Skyline S3


2 Reviews

  • 4
    universal ruffler

    Posted by joan huffman on 19th Jan 2012

    This attachment is really neat. It was a little difficult to fit to my machine the first time, but after I got it adjusted correctly it fit great. It occasionally missed stitching a gather, but that could be operator error. I wish it had a setting for a gather every 3rd stitch but I was happy with the attachment.

  • 4
    Dollhouse Miniaturist

    Posted by Linda G. on 19th Jan 2012

    I'm always hesitant about using a ruffler - since it is awkward to attach and can be difficult to adjust so a specific length of fabric is ruffled to the length you want. However, I was surprised that it ruffled 1/2" lace so precisely, and it was easy to see where to hold the lace so it would be sewn properly. I would still like to find a ruffler that had more precision adjustments - but IF such a ruffler is made for the home sewing market - I doubt if it would be as reasonably priced as this one.