Juki Binder Foot For HZL-DX, HZL-F and HZL-G Series Machines

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The Bias Tape Binder snap-on foot allows for bias tape to be easily added to finish an edge. This versatile foot can also be used to create button loops, frog closures, and is a great construction tool for reversible garments. The spiral cone on this foot wraps the bias tape (pre-folded or not) neatly around the edge of the fabric.

Straight stitch patterns are generally used to with this presser foot, but decorative patterns can be used to create a unique effect.

  • Attach the bias binder to the presser foot holder.
  • Guide one end of the bias tape into one of the five slots on the foot, based on the width of the tape. Figure 1
  • A tape width of 0.75” to 1” (22 to 25mm) should go into the largest slot on the foot.
  • Pull the tape from the inside of the guide, using a sharp instrument, such as tweezers or a stiletto. Place the tape behind the presser foot. Figure 2
  • Check that both sides of the tape are folded completely inside, when the tape is pulled behind the presser foot.
  • Adjust the needle position so that the needle is stitching through the bias tape.
  • If the needle position cannot be changed, use the screw on the foot to adjust the cone to the right or to the left, as needed. Figure 3
  • Begin sewing at a slow to medium speed, gently guiding the tape to keep it properly aligned with the fabric.

TIPS: To more easily maneuver fabric into the cone, use the points of the tweezers or a stiletto and gently push the fabric into the cone. Clipping the corner of the tape at a 45 degree angle can make tape insertion, into the cone easier.

Fits Juki Models

  • DX-2000QVP
  • DX-1500QVP
  • HZL-DX7
  • HZL-DX5
  • HZL-F600
  • HZL-F400
  • HZL-F300
  • HZL-G120
  • HZL-G220
  • HZL-G210
  • HZL-G110